Mykel b from Las Vegas

Mykel b from Las Vegas

Contact: Mykel B
Phone: 7023302791
Email: [email protected]

I’m Michale Jude Bonner Jr. better known as “Mykel B” (Local “Las Vegas” rap artist), known for urban Hip-Hop and connecting with all around age groups and classes with my music. Born in the state of CA, on June 23rd, 1993 raised in the City of Sin (Las Vegas) from my childhood on till this day. As a young black male growing up in one city and moving to another and have to start a new socal life with new peers is kind of hard , but for me all i could think is more people to connect with so yu can say i stay looking at the postive side of situations. My music is “Poetry”, its like venting out in words that others can realate to no matter what age, race, size or shape from rich to poor and even more , they’ll b able to feel in thay heart and even start to visualize. Goin through the things i seen and witness is called “Life” in my eyes. Yes, some things was harder then others but i find that is what made me what i am today. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Hip-Hop culture since i was young. As a young boy growin up i always had a reckless mentality, growing up from house to house , state to state , i always been an outstanding individual and in vegas i meet a group of guys just like me. We were kno to be a group of reckless kids , one of my close friends (“BU”) decided to take it to the next level and put all of are talents in one group, then came up with WRECKS ENTERTAINMENT (We Ruin Every Creative Kind). Every since then we’ve been Las Vegas most trendsetters from bringing out urban clothing lines to the way we dress and ect… Freaturing on countless blogs such as and veries music sites like The only thing now is to take the movement from local to global and be the main trendsetters of all time.

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[email protected]

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