Mr. Vanillafication

Contact: Leo Gitelman
Phone: 646-789-7636
Email: [email protected]

NEW YORK, NY – Leo Gitelman is an ambitious 15 year-old rapper located in lower Manhattan, who is looking to develop his flow and credibility. When Leo was only 11 years old, he began writing short verses as a joke to entertain family members. The joke matured, and Leo began to receive encouragement to take his talent further.
At the age of 12, Leo created a YouTube page to share his music with the world. While many of the video comments were encouraging and positive, some were hurtful and rude. People would say things like “You’re so white! Why do you rap? Through their insults the stage name Mr. Vanillafication was born. He may be white, but he does it right.
Leo continued to post videos on YouTube and as time went on, his talents expanded.Leo developed an ability to sing as well as rap. He bought some home equipment to record raps, and while they began to sound better, they lacked studio quality.
Mr. Vanillafication seeks to launch a professional career as a recording artist with his song, “The Poet. He is currently working with SkyeLab Music Group to produce and market the single, and hopes that this song will be pivotal in his success.