Mr. Grumpy shows all that old people still got Jam!!!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mr. Grumpy or Grumpy Old Man 519-716-7368 Near Toronto Ontario Canada Who’s Mr. Grumpy you ask, well long ago his parents shipped him off his home planet because it was going to explode…no wait, …wrong story…Oh ok,  When I was young I got bitten by a spider….no…no that’s not it either….Darn it, this getting old stuff really bites…. Long time ago, and yes, I mean a long time ago, before the age of Disco,  Mr. Grumpy was born, when music was music, and thinking about it…short.  I know who Paul McCartney, Franki Valli, Pat Boone  are, and who Led Zepplin was, as well as the Beatles amongst others So after a bunch of years doing various things, including several years as a hot Nightclub D.J. I found that the years had crept up on me, and now thinking…What’s Next. All of this started with an argument in a pub, about how it’s so hard to create music, and get it to flow, to which of course I disagreed,…why? because I like to disagree with everything.  So the bet was on…I was to make something out of thin air, and 5 hours later came up with an interesting tune…. So now the bug had bitten and have created a bunch of tunes, that I like, but nobody else seems to. All done with no assistance, and Sony Acid Pro, and some loops. Pretty decent if you ask me, but I”ll leave that up to the powers that be.  I’ve had some tunes selected for projects, but haven’t heard if they’re actually going to be used or not. Hopefully I’ll remember things, but always have advice, Do I want to be the next Justin Bieber? no thanks, the kids’ still in diapers….I’d be happy to every once in awhile hear an excerpt of one of my tunes on television or on Sirius Radio. That’s my goal now, (other than staying alive), to turn on Sirius Radio to BPM, and hear one of my tunes…. Contact me if you like, I”m easy to get along with, everyone get’s a 10 until they start talking then I deduct points, and I don’t do crowds well, but when you think of Mr. Grumpy, you’ll think of a crotchety old man, and that’s pretty much me, almost to 60 but still has the Jam….


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