Contact: Daniel Roper
Phone: 240-577-8006

LEXINGTON PARK, MARYLAND – Born and raised in Paterson NJ
Daniel C. Roper III A/K/A Mo’Wet in the music world knew that his reason for being on this earth was to entertain. At a very young age Mo’Wet realized that he had a GOD giving talent to perform on stage. As the years went by in elementary school entering all types of talent shows and performing at different school functions, Mo’Wet wanted something more. After graduating from elementary school he then went on to attend Rosa Parks Fine and Performing Arts High School located in Paterson NJ. There he would be around kids that were just as talented if not more talented then he was. Learning the structure of performing, Dedication. Determination, and Hard work. Performing at many school functions such as holiday shows, Cabaret’s, all while receiving the training needed to zone in on his talents. While attending Rosa Parks Arts High School, Mo’Wet was able to perform for Ms. Rosa Parks herself, Take6, Dizzy Gillespie, and Gregory Hines. Upon leaving high school Mo’Wet surly made a name for himself as a great talented individual and someone to be watched in the future ahead. In his adult years he would go on to enter different competions, different extra work for movies, such as Godzilla, pilots for HBO featuring Danny Aiello, videos with Das Effects and Chubb Rock. Choreograph dance routines for such artist as Riff, JT Taylor of Kool and the Gang, and Men of vision. Not to stop there but also to submit music to radio stations to have him and his group music playing on the radio home jams for some 9 weeks straight. He would also find himself at the Apollo Theater in Harlem NY performing in front of Mr. Steve Harvey. Doing shows at the Country club, and Down Time in the NY area just to name a few. After stepping back for a minute to learn the behind the scenes business, Mo’Wet then ventured into producing and investing in his own recording studio. Now back at it with a new swag and new attitude Mo’Wet is ready for some more fun. Writing and producing his own music he is defiantly about to take everyone by storm. Starting his production company ” RaDaKha Productions with his CEO partners Lyronna “Champagne Roper and William ” Chill Wright Jr. So fasten your seat belt while “RaDaKha Productions takes you on this journey