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Fresno, California – May 30, 2017 – Without sound, every song on the radio would be spoken word poetry. That’s where artists like Moe Money come into play. He’s a beatmaker, a sound producer, a whiz in the studio creating instrumental tracks for other artists to take on as their own.

Moe Money stays busy, producing one to three new tracks on a weekly basis and releasing them on his YouTube as soon as they are ready to go. Currently, he has over a dozen tracks on his YouTube page for fans and artists to listen to. Those tracks are an array of hip hop and R&B instrumentals that showcase what he can do in the studio.

What makes Moe Money a man to work with is his ability to mold and adapt to whatever it currently making waves in the industry and on the charts. He can create trending sounds for a variety of artists who are not lost for words but who lack the instrumentals to place with their lyrics.

Moe Money has tracks ready to go for artists who are looking to collaborate. He is also available to create new tracks as well. Those interested can get in touch via the information provided below.


Moe Money is an instrumental track maker for hip hop and R&B music who is available for hire.

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Moe Money
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