William Hart of the Delfonics Proudly Presents La La Records’ Mikee White with “Lost Without You”

William Hart of the Delfonics Proudly Presents La La Records' Mikee White with

Philadelphia, PA — April 29, 2016 — There is a strong new music presence in the Philadelphia area. Mikee White has been delighting the public with his singing, acting, and directing, as well as his R&B/pop music recordings, as evidenced by his most recent La La Records’ single, “Lost Without You.”

Mikee White, under the tutelage of Mr. William Hart of the Delfonics, has been thrilling live audiences throughout the Philadelphia area as of late with his passionate, powerful, and emotional singing, including covers of Sam Cooke’s material. Most recently appearing at Relish and Warmdaddy’s, his musical influences include Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Daryl Coley. Additionally, he has directed, produced, filmed, and acted in a series of thrilling and popular musical stage productions in and around the Philadelphia area including Back 2 The Basics and Not 2 Young.

Having served as a Youth Care Worker at Saint Gabriel’s Hall, Mikee White has a strong dedication to children and to helping people, and in particular he possesses a keen eye to the benefits of music – especially the large potential for positivism through music. The power and positivism of the social messages contained in his musical stage productions, often involving some form of crowd participation, can speak volumes.

The songs recorded by Mikee White for La La Records (primarily in the R&B/pop genre), having been shared on social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter, have drawn an enormously positive response from a myriad of music fans of a wide variety of ages and with varied musical tastes. A passionate ballad entitled “Lost Without You,” featuring William Hart of the Delfonics on backing vocals, has elicited a particularly strong response from music fans of late.

Mikee White has consistently exhibited a strong talent, drive, and emotion with his powerful singing throughout the Philly area and the positive reactions from his recorded music and exciting live performances have served as a strong inspiration for him to continue his march forward in these areas.

Visit La La Records Central to purchase seven of Mikee White’s hottest new La La Records’ singles, including the powerful ballad “Lost Without You.”


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