Mike Masch, A Rising Hip-Hop Producer and Artist Has Officially Become The NEW Amplifier In Music


Ann Arbor, Michigan — December 20, 2015 — Hip Hop artist Mike Masch releases a complete, full lyrical album and instrumental accompaniment that quite possibly could be album of the year in many hip-hop circles. With enlightening and inspirational wordplay, the album is a call to push for more, to be different, and to reach for higher!

The New Amplifier and The New Instrumentals are brand new albums out now with a complete collection of thunderous 808 bass, mesmerizing synths, hip-hop strings, powerful brass, smooth piano, and guitar riffs, all guaranteed to amplify your night! As a tremendous fan of the rhythm of hip-hop, Mike took things back to the beginning, while still keeping a modern, hip-hop edge. What was created has now turned into timeless hip-hop albums certainly set (and meant) to change the game. On iTunes, Amazon, and other stores worldwide!

As quoted by early press reviews, Mike brings a musical range and creativity that is second to none. The rhymes are clever, the music is extremely rich, while the emotions are raw and themes, totally epic. It is a very well composed musical journey, and one that you should absolutely follow!

In a music industry that has become broadly predictable, egotistical, and often times, vulgar, ‘The New Amplifier’ brings truth, is fresh, and inspires. The richness of the tones and the variation in moods make this a thrilling listen from start to finish. True hip-hop and then WAY beyond it!

In short, the albums are a brilliant, new brand of hip-hop electronica and Mike looks to become a new voice in the music industry.

For more information and to purchase, please visit www.MikeMasch.com, iTunes, and other stores worldwide.


Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mike is an American music producer-singer-songwriter that ultimately relocated to Philadelphia to perfect his musical talents. With such a wide range of influences, Mike is changing the game with a hip-hop fusion that consists of heavy undertones of electronica, classical, darkside, big beat, cinematic, and downtempo. Continuing to grow, doing different things, and epic creation is what this music is all about and it continues to inspire a new brand of conscious club hip-hop.

Mike Masch


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