New Artist: Michael Egleton

Contact: Michael Egleton
Phone: 3307455091

AKRON, OHIO – Artist Bio

Musiq Soul Child, George Benson, Michael Henderson, Tyrese are some of the names that come to mind when some are asked to describe this music. It features blends of piano and orchestra sounds with bright horns and smoothe bass glides with a tempo driving bass drum. Raspy vocals takes you into a world of traditonal soulful R&B, Jazzy mixtures of situational and emotional lyrics in each song while instrumental offerings set the mood for what needs to take place at that time, whether it be dance or love. ” Fresh …..”, ” New sound cut from an old cloth ….”, ” Inovative and full of life experiences …..” are just a few of the words which describes Michael Egleton. Maybe the mature sound comes from the one who raised him, his Grandfather. A firery Gospel preacher from the south and former ” Honkie Tonk” musician himself from the 40’s and 50’s playing in the juke joints of Chicago. Michael has taken everything he has lived and learned and poured it into his music. He has a simple yet mature sound to his craft. Nothing complicated, just a to the point in your ear type of sound thats refreshing in today’s music. It seems to touch life in a different way. Michael is a driven man in everything he does. This drive has afforded him 2 Degrees in Business Adminstration and allowed him to succeed in many other pursuites in his life. It’s this same drive and determination, that he applies to his music. Life has taught him a few things about both sides of the proverbial tracks and this quality is reflected in his music. Life for Michael started in May of 1959 and has taken him many places since. Some happy, some sad and it is these life experiences that shapes his songs.
He has an extensive background in Gospel music playing for many area singers, writing Gospel songs, and playing for churches in the area where he lives. Over the years he has been honing and developing his talent to expand into Jazz, R&B, and Soul categories.
Some of his idols include, the great Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, George Duke, Michael Henderson, George Haynes of St.Louise, Barry White and many more has had a great influence on his sound and his approach to music. He sings and plays to life situations which is what gives his music it’s soul and sounds of realness. His keyboard is how he interpret life and how he feels in his heart.
Michael has been playing some type of instrument since the age of 2 when grit boxed were his only source of sound. Thats all they could afford! It all really started though at the age of 7, when his Mom brought home a guitar for Christmans. His Grand Dad tuned it up, taught him a few things, sat him down by his piano in service, said a prayer and looked at him and said, “Play boy.” Since then Michael has gone on to play and experiment with many different instruments until settling on the keyboard. Michael is from Baberton, Ohio and currently resides in Akron, Ohio. It’s well known that Ohio has produced many great artist and musical industry players. Akron, sits right in the heart of ” rust belt” musicians. In the past Barberton has produced many great people such as, Bo Shembeckler, the great coach of the Michigan Wolverines, basketball great, Alvin Robertson, football great, Dr. William Taylor and many more.
He has released two CDs without the aid or backing of major studios.The first being, Baby Baby Baby and the second , his current offering, Thats Alright. The Baby Baby Baby CD has had the pleasure of placing some of it’s songs in the number position of the Akron/ Cleveland area charts for Reverb Nation. The new CD, Thats Alright is making a slow but steady rise up the same charts and is currently number 7 on the same charts while increasing his fan base tremedously.
His objective is not to be a star, but to share and if the other should happen, thats just more people to share with and would be accepted with humility.
Michael Egleton, Different, Soulful, Innovative, with an old soul sound is eager to experience the next level of success and make his mark on the music playing field.

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