Melvin Horn Brings “Grace” to the World


New Single From the Lone Star State Hip Hop Gospel Singer


Dallas, Texas – March 25, 2016 – Every singer has similar goals; money, fame, so forth and so on. The only goal Melvin Horn has on his plate is reaching souls and changing lives with his music because he notes, “Getting rich is not my goal because I’m already rich. My wealth comes from the Lord. As long as I continue doing the will of God, I will prosper in everything that I do.” He plans to reach that goal with his first single, “Grace.”

Having the Lord in his heart and a love for the hip hop culture, Horn combined the two and the first track out of the gate from him is the catch yet sincere “Grace.” One listen and you can hear the message loud and clear, and the 24-year-old hopes that out of all the people who come into contact with his music – today’s youth are ones to hear it most because he believes they are “the new generation.”

“Grace” dropped in early March 2016 and has already gotten on the airwaves on D-Tong radio and Independent Music Show. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Melvin Horn has in store.

Those who want to hear “Grace” and know more about Melvin Horn can check out his site, here.

Melvin Horn is a hip hop artist that has a hip hop twist who has just released his debut single, “Grace.”

Melvin Horn
(214) 245-8406
Dallas, Texas

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