Conscious Hip Hip Thrives Underground with MC BYGONE’s New Single



Denver, Colorado – November 10, 2016 – At a time when many people feel their own salvation is being tried, MC BYGONE reminds everyone to stand strong with his new single, “Salvation.” The word salvation has different definitions and can mean many things, depending on the person, or even what religion they may believe in.

When BYGONE was asked what it meant for him, he responded, “Salvation [to me] is reaching your ultimate goal, whatever that may be.” The #BetterKid (MC BYGONE) has already responded to the religious association with the word salvation by saying this, “Well that’s the thing. If you ultimately want to end up in heaven because that’s what you believe in then THAT is, of course, your salvation. For those who don’t believe in heaven, salvation could simply be a comfortable lifestyle, or even just living somewhere they don’t get shot at …YOU could be living someone ELSES salvation, ever thought of that?”

Can’t say that most have, but what can be constantly said is: BYGONE’s fans are constantly looking towards his music for motivation – and this song proves why. It is definitely the time when Americans need conscious music such as MC BYGONE’s newest release.

BYGONE the #BetterKid releases a brand new single. The track (found below) proves conscious minded hip hop is far from dead!

Listen to the new single “Salvation” and other free music at


MC BYGONE is a hip hop artist who isn’t afraid to be different. With lyrics about everything from religion to love, he’s built his growing empire on the idea of never straying far from your dreams.


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