Marvelous Moe Morris debuts new music video for “Tell Me Why You Wanna Keep Coming Around Me



Atlanta, Georgia — October 19, 2015 — Marvelous Moe Morris, Atlanta’s Blues/R&B sensation, recently released a new visual for his single, “Tell Me Why You Wanna Keep Coming Around Me” on YouTube. This blues hit has reached audiences across the globe through internet and commercial FM radio broadcasting, social media, and traditional marketing. The record has been well-received by DJs and program directors across the east coast of the United States.

Currently based in the south, Morris has set his sights on bookings and promoting a DIY tour in celebration of this release. He’s set to perform for Alabama’s radio station on November 2015.

The music video begins with Morris in his Vegas condo attended by a young woman who mistreats him. The lyrics of the song augment the narrative of the visual as Morris obviously wonders why this woman wants to persistently “come around him” when it’s evident that the relationship is no longer substantial. For anyone who has ever experienced a relationship where another individual continues to pursue you with ill-intents this new release should be a relatable record and a real treat. To watch the new music video visit him on YouTube here at

Marvelous Moe Morris is a Blues/R&B singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia.

To purchase Marvelous Moe’s new Blues/R&B/Soul single, visit him online on his official iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music stores here at


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