Percussionist on ‘The Black Panther’ Score Preps Debut Album

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Magatte Fall Currently Working On New Music

Los Angeles, California – March 28, 2018 – Even when movies were dubbed silent films, music still filled the room and moved the story along. Thus, one of the many reasons music is a powerful force. Even today the scores are the foundation of every major motion picture, including the top-grossing superhero movie to date, Black Panther. Many worked to make the film and score possible, including Grammy-winner Magatte Fall.

The celebrated and award-winning percussionist put everything he had into the djembe and sabar as part of the ensemble that made up the Black Panther score. Being of African descent, bringing the fictional world of Wakanda to the world in 2018 came as second nature to him. Magatte was exposed to West African music from the time he was born and it served as the basis of this musical influence throughout his childhood, and obviously led to a career.

From the moment he knew percussion was his calling he studied djembe, sabar, tama, and congas. Today he’s not only a two-time Grammy Award-winning percussionist for Angelique Kidjo but also in his own percussion group; Generation Percu.

With one foot in American culture and one always ready to represent his Senegalese roots, Magatte Fall highlights what World Music is all about. Bringing forth music that takes listeners on a journey through sound, transporting them to new worlds. He’s done that stateside and around the world at the Blues Festival, Womad Festival, Festival Mondial des Art Negres, Newport Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and an opening of the African-American Museum in Washington D.C.

Magatte Fall is currently working on his debut LP as we speak. Those interested in getting on the list for the Grammy-winner’s debut or interviewing him about his contribution to the Black Panther score and his career thus far can reach out via the information provided below.


Magatte Fall is a Grammy-winning percussionist who recently worked on the Black Panther score, and is currently working on his debut LP.

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