An emerging Hard Rock band with a touch of Metal: Introducing to the world Lÿnx

An emerging Hard Rock band with a touch of Metal: Introducing to the world Lynx

With the help of their outstanding compositions and the ability to blend the genres of Hard Rock and Metal into compelling tunes, the band Lÿnx is set to win the hearts of music lovers worldwide

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – June 29th, 2021 – up-and-coming band Lÿnx is a true force in the world of music, especially in the genres of Rock and Metal. With the release of their brand new single titled “Crazy Crazy World” on June 4th, 2021, the band is looking forward to showcase its brilliant expertise in Hard Rock music and wishes to get the recognition it deserves in the industry.

The music video for the single was released on June 18th, 2021 through VEVO. “Crazy Crazy World” is a part of Lÿnx’s upcoming EP which is set to be released in coming few months. The band released their first self-titled EP back in the beginning of this year which has been getting streamed on all digital streaming platforms. The four-piece band was formed during the 2020 worldwide pandemic, which started off as a collaboration between 2 members of the band. The one-time collaboration soon turned into a long-term professional relationship as 2 more members were brought in, resulting in the formation of Lÿnx. Connected by their shared love of 80s hard rock and glam metal, the band immediately started the writing process for the production of songs they felt passionate about. The self-titled EP was released by Bullzhorn Records soon after the band’s formation. The tracks on the EP are a perfect blend of modern rock and polished production. Due to their mutual love for Hard Rock, most of the songs are heavily dominated by themes of Rock music and elements of Glam Metal. The tracks tend to embody the swagger and style of the past as well as embrace the down to earth grit of diverse influences.

The emerging band garnered significant recognition for their self-titled EP. It received outstanding feedback and got remarkable airplay around the world, with most songs getting streamed on all major digital streaming platforms. Moreover, physical copies of the EP in the form of CDs are available on Lÿnx’s official website and also in all major record stores in Calgary, Canada. Dominated by Hard Rock tracks, the EP is full of songs rich in catchy riffs, anthemic melodies, big drums, melodic guitar solos  and hoarse vocals.

Lÿnx has gathered a loyal fan base through their incredible musical skills and artistic individuality. The band has already started working on its second EP, and hopes to hit the road for a tour soon. They look forward to growing and evolving as artists by building on the momentum created by their debut EP.

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Lÿnx is a four-piece Hard Rock/Glam Metal band, based in Calgary, Canada. The band was formed in 2020 as soon as the worldwide pandemic struck. The 4 members of the band go by the names of Lazer Wild (vocalist), Blade (guitarist), Fangs (bassist), and Flash (drums and percussions).

With the release of their brand new single titled “Crazy Crazy World” from their self-titled EP, the band is looking forward to win over the hearts of Hard Rock lovers around the world. Lÿnx wishes to tour the world, meet devoted fans, and motivate other similar acts along the way.



Name: Lÿnx



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