Introducing Lul Sean’s Debut ‘Motivation’


New Mixtape Out Now

Cheltenham, Maryland – December 7, 2017 – Hip hop just got a new addition to the game with the release of Lul Sean’s mixtape, Motivation.

10 tracks deep, Motivation has Lul Sean hooking up with the likes of Eric LaMont, Big Tom, Myles Dinero and Lil Sp. They go hard on tracks such as “Grind,” “Gone” and “Notice Me.” Lyrically each song brings a new story to the table. With positivity at his core, Lul Sean wants to deliver that with the music he puts forth. Which is what he executed fully with Motivation.

New to the scene, Lul Sean is interested in premiere performing opportunities that come his way. Getting out there with the people and showing them hard work makes a difference is a message he wants to deliver via his music.

Motivation is out now. Those interested in featuring, reviewing, or interviewing Lul Sean can get in touch via the information provided below.


Lul Sean is an up and coming rapper who dropped his mixtape, Motivation, November 2017.

Lul Sean



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