Long Time Comin’


Contact: Waymond Deloach
Phone: 7065779244
Email: youngflow500@yahoo.com

ELLERSLIE, GA – Up and coming artist Apollo Flow is gearing up to release his newest album ‘Freedom Writes’.The album which will feature his new single ‘Long Time Comin’ ft.Mikey T is set to drop on Feb 20.

For those of you who have not heard of Apollo,he’s an hip hop artist from Harris County,GA who has been making music since 2001.He began as a producer and song writer and has written songs for artist such as the Florida rap group ‘Treal’,and many others,later he decided to pave his way in music through his own voice.With his provocative lyrics and classic sounds he paints pictures with words and makes his music come alive for the listeners.

To listen to the new single ‘Long Time Comin’ ft.Mikey T and more you please visit WWW.reverbnation.com/apolloflow you can also follow Apollo on Twitter @waterdragon09.