“Like Thelma and JJ these are the GOOD TIMES II”


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Miami, Florida – 4MK Releases Their First Single  GOOD TIMES II From Up Coming Album 4MKSpreadluv MIAMI, FL., Get ready for some GOOD TIMES. After finding some success with GOOD TIMES part one 4MK is coming out with GOOD TIMES II with some super friends. GOOD TIMES II consists of 4MK Member Bottles Give Thanks Belafonte featuring hip hop/soul/reggae/motivational speaker Alexander Star and Chan Dizzy, a mega star in the reggae industry residing in Jamaica.

Yes there is a war going on outside no man is safe from. Yes we are aware our economy is becoming a comedy. The debt is through the ceiling, taxes are increasing, and local business owners are filling out job applications. But through the hard times 4MK uses the universal language of MUSIC to remind us to find time to enjoy the GOOD TIMES.  Bottles Give Thanks Belafonte was wondering why do we always wait till years past to look back and say man those where the good ole days. Looking back missing those but during that time did not enjoy is like it was good old days. So he says why don’t we enjoy now now. Why wait till time pass to realize the GOOD TIMES.Why don’t we try to make every second a GOOD one, Every minute A GOOD minute, every hour a GOOD hour it only adds up to GOOD TIMES.

In the song he says “Like Thelma and JJ these are the GOOD TIMES. The show “GOOD TIMES” the Evans did not have lot and was living  in the struggle but they made sure they had GOOD TIMES. This what 4MK single is all about the Good Times. Bottles Give Thanks Belafonte from the group 4MK which stands 4ManKind reached out to two talented artist who fit the same mindset to collaborate on the song. Mr. Alexander Star opens the first with “If you wake up in the morning its a lovely day.” Letting us know its already good day when you wake up. On the second verse Chan Dizzy takes us to Jamaica with his reggae vibe explaining how a Jamaican Good Times go by. Quoting Chan Dizzy “When the world feels like a hopeless place, and you feel all the hard work goes in vain, close your eyes and remember the “GOOD TIMES.”

Bottles Give Thanks Belafonte closes out the song showing respect for legendary reggae pioneers selector Jabba and dance hall king Shabba Ranks. 4MK GOOD TIMES II is like Too-Short, Q-Tip, Ant Banks, Damien Marley, Rapping 4 Tay, Mac Mall and Bill Withers having a lovely day on a boat reminiscing about the Good Times while having a Good Time. This is a feel good song 4 ManKind. Its one of those tunes a grandmother  can play while driving her grand son back home after a weekend of good times. Like Bottles Give Thanks Belafonte rhymes on the song, “Like Thelma and JJ these  are the Good Times, The Good Times, Enjoy now NOW, These are the GOOD OLE DAYS.” The new feel good single will be released Oct. 17th, but for your listening pleasure a mp3 is attached for you. DJ’s, Veejays, Vinyls or CDJs plays this one time for all the GOOD folks who support you. Let them have a good time. If and only if you listen and you genuinely feel and believe in GOOD TIMES.

For more information about 4MK please visit www.4MK.biz as well as www.soundcloud.com/4mkspreadluv. For more information about Alexander Star please visit www.Alexanderstar.com. For information on Chan Dizzy check for him through all social media outlets  @IAMCHANDIZZY Give Thanks and Be Blessed.


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