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Michelle Bellamy-Buck
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MAY 15, 2012

At the tender age of 21, Cecily is doing BIG things. With the highly anticipated release of her first single, “Crazy for You Summer 2012 coinciding with the launch of her website, she is on the fast track to stardom.
Cecily puts a lot of herself into her music and having so much passion for the art in general made it no easy task in getting to this point. Combining her final year at Swarthmore with the decision to pursue her musical career, Cecily has been working hard and with the highest caliber of industry professionals, which makes it very likely that her first single could be her first hit.

Title song: “Crazy for You
Produced and arranged by: Benjamin Wright
Engineered by: Reggie Dozier
Log on: May 15, 2012.
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“A brilliant, beautiful and talented young lady, Look out! … Ms. Patti Austin
“Her time is NOW!!…Benjamin Wright
Cecily is going to bring soul music to another level.