Kris Heaton Band Stand Up for Dreamers with Latest Release


Memorable Melodies and Danceable Beats Reign Supreme


Shelton, Connecticut – March 29, 2016 – At an age where many musicians are likely to take a step back and just remember the good times they had, Kris Heaton of the Kris Heaton Band is looking to keep things going. Having just dropped a new album, the band is proof that you’re never too old to go after your dreams.

Heaton takes on the vocals, guitar, keys and percussion on all the tracks. By his side and rounding out the band is Ace Foster who delivers on percussion as well as the harmonica, and backs Heaton up on vocals, and Joe Yurman who does his thing with a guitar in hand. Together these three have recorded and released Stand Up, on March 16, 2016. Fresh off the presses, Stand Up’s title track has a special guest with The Brandenburg State Symphony Orchestra on board. It’s a lively joint that sounds like the kind of music fans of Bruce Springsteen would get behind. In fact, some have as “Stand Up” made a huge impact on the airwaves and debuted as the fourth most added single on the FMQB AC national chart and has continued to climb over 100 spots up in its first few weeks of being released in March.

When Heaton was younger he toured around the US with everyone from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Huey Lewis, but today likes to keep it local by playing around Connecticut. They are however planning on hitting the airwaves on a national level, while they sit back and get to work on a follow up. With music running through their veins, it’s hard to keep the pen out of their hands when it comes to creating new material.

Those interested in hearing more from Kris Heaton Band can check out Stand Up, out now and available on CD Baby and iTunes.

Kris Heaton Band is a rock band that infuses a good time with a pop element tossed into the mix that has a new record out that’s all about standing up to the evil in this world, and going after your dreams.

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