King Tut The Don’s ‘Black Tears’ is the Passion of Hip Hop Music


Youngstown, Ohio – March 4, 2017 – King Tut The Don a Youngstown, Ohio Native and hip hop underground legend is campaigning the 2017 release of his revolutionary album Black Tears.

The mix album has eight songs and three feature amazing young talents like Terre’ Allen Snead, Amya Franziskakis and Ashley Marie Lewis.
The highlight of this charismatic album though is track 7, “No Ordinary Luv.” A cover song originally by Sade’. It was arranged by Jonathon Allen a Ohio music producer, and the cover vocals were done by country artist Ashley Marie Lewis.

A fine tuned lyrical collage of street knowledge,dope rhymes, and political genius. Those who are fans of traditional 90’s hip hop will want to add King Tut The Don to their old school playlist next to Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, 2pac, Biggie Smalls,Public Enemy, Nas, and Wu Tang.

This Revolutionary Charismatic MC is definitely a Artist to Keep your Hip Hop Radars adjusted to in 2017. Fans can catch him on March 4, 2017 at 9pm on Indigenous Media, Slap Slap in Yo Lap Radio Atlanta, and Exestate Underground Radio UK London for his Indie Major Press and interview.


King Tut The Don
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