The Hottest Artist and Entrepreneur of 2016: King Tiger


Bronx, New York — April 25, 2016 — The most anticipated recording hip hop artist and entrepreneur of our time better known as King Tiger or The Dominant King, who topped several charts in 2015, and became a successful founder of a distilled beverage organization and the owner of his own record company.

South Bronx’s own King Tiger has recently made big moves in the rap and a distilled beverage industry. A few months ago he became the newest and youngest CEO to own several Dominican Rums such Ron Bermudez Est. 1852 and King’s Label Whisky, which will soon become an international brand. He is not just only an artist and a businessman, he is an inspiration to people throughout the world with his music and knowledge which everyone should prepare themselves for the greatest new millennium of opportunity in history ever told.

When asked what motivates him to make music he states, “I believe that the violence and stupidity on our planet’s Ghettos can be reduced through good music because I learned through High Priests and Priestesses that music affects the spirit/psyche of human beings.”

Be sure to find out more about his distilled beverages and music by visiting his sites here and here.


King Tiger is a rapper and record label owner on top of a business man when it comes to distilled water with conscious style of music that expresses an uplifting unique sound of originality.

King Tiger
Norka Bermudez
1323 Louis Nine Blvd Bronx, NY

Official Site:
Distilled Water Site:

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