Kenyon Grey to Release New Song “When Angels Cry” through AOK Records (Nashville) on January 6th, 2023

Kenyon Grey

 “Firefighter Singer/Songwriter gets second chance after walking away from a Nashville music career to raise his children!”

Nashville, Tennessee — October 25, 2022 – At first glance, Kenyon Grey had the all-American dream! A firefighter with a song getting radio airplay nationwide. He was being developed by a management agency on Music Row in Nashville, working with a Grammy Award-winning producer and negotiating an offer from a major record label. No one knew that he was a “Left Behind” parent and his two youngest children were missing. Yes, he had private investigators looking, but his kids had vanished with their mother. Then, Kenyon got that dreaded phone call! His daughter was in a Montana hospital suffering from severe injuries. He flew to Montana and she and her brother were placed into his custody. It was heartbreaking, traumatizing and soon Kenyon realized that he needed to step away from music to focus on raising his four kids. He felt they deserved a father who would sacrifice everything and put them first. So, he walked away from the record deal and the management agency. It wasn’t an easy pill to swallow, but Kenyon’s kids became his sole focus. Years later, Kenyon’s daughter approached him saying, “You saved us, Dad.” That’s when Kenyon knew his decision was God inspired. Today, Kenyon’s children have grown up into beautiful human beings and the drive to pick up his music has returned. “I’m going after it! This time, with a little less hair.” Laughs Kenyon.

Kenyon Grey has released an accompanying LP, recorded at Villain Recording and AOK Records in Nashville.

Kenyon writes in several different genres, Country, Americana, Rock, and CCM/AC. He has a gospel background, growing up in his father’s church playing bass guitar and singing on the worship team. Kenyon tends to write uplifting, wholesome messages, unpacking everything he’s been through. He measures all the pain against what he has learned, to convey the hope he still possesses inside.

… and the project is already garnering accolades …

23rd Annual Great American Song Contest – Finalist – “Ordinary World”

20th Annual Christian Songwriting Competition – 2nd Round Finalist – “Ordinary World”

20th Annual Christian Songwriting Competition – 3rd Round Finalist – “I’ll Be the One”

20th Annual Christian Songwriting Competition – 3rd Round Finalist – “Palm Sunday”

Debuted at #13 on the play.mpe charts (streams) – “Ordinary World”

Debuted at #2 on the CRC Radio Charts and stayed in Top 10 for five weeks – “Ordinary World”

Behind the song!

“When Angels Cry” – Kenyon had just finished washing his car and was detailing the interior. His 2-year-old daughter snuck out of the house and crawled through a mud puddle. She climbed on top of the car, leaving muddy footprints all over the hood and windshield. She just wanted to say ‘hi’ to dad. A week later she and her brother were gone. Their mother took them out of state and disappeared. Those footprints were all Kenyon had left of his children. He couldn’t wash the car! Months later, after exhausting every means of finding them, Kenyon was driving along an old highway and it started to rain. He panicked, swerved to the side of the road, jumped out of the car and stood over the footprints sobbing, trying to cover them with his hands to prevent them from being washed away. He lost the battle and upon returning to an empty house, Kenyon wrote this song.

A note from Kenyon: “My hope is to raise awareness for “Left Behind” parents and their children. This song goes out to everyone with missing children, I know your pain, I honor you and grieve with you.”

Please contact Chris Keaton at or Kenyon at for guest lists, interview, or promo copies of “When Angels Cry.”



Kenyon Grey grew up making music. As a local firefighter, he continued to write and perform music, signing with two record labels and one music production agency on Music Row in Nashville. He’s worked with several record producers in LA and Nashville, including a Grammy Award winner with Curb Records. His songs have placed in songwriting competitions and appeared on several playlists and charts, playing on radio globally.



Name: Kenyon Grey



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