Karolina Blue

Contact: Karolina Blue
Phone: 3475204405
Email: teamkblue@yahoo.com

JAMAICA, NY – Hailing from Jamaica, NY, Karolina Blue is a hip-hop artist whose charisma and unique style has quickly helped him gain a solid reputation. You might say that KB owes his career in music to the rough path: It is while doing time in the New York State Penitentiary that Shaun Maurice Armstrong, the man behind the act, found the time and motivation to perfect his skills as a rapper and MC.
Out in the world, it didn’t take long for Karolina Blue to release an LP, “Street Educated”, whose eponymous single generated an impressive buzz around the country. The mid tempo album titled track is one that you can cruise, dance, or chill to. This is a strong message song and street anthem, and in this track, Karolina Blue conveys the fact that a street education is what he and many other people get and it is as meaningful and vital to survival as a college degree.
This setting the ground for a highly anticipated second LP, preceded by single “Instagram”, an already cult club and radio smasher. Is quickly spreading like wild fire burning down the clubs and radio stations everywhere. It’s all about a sharp lyrical flow, tight beats and catchy hooks.
Recently sitting down with Hot97’s own Scottie Beam he was acted how does it feel to be the number one talked about artist in the city with the number one talked about single. He laughs and replies “I got my grams up call it Instagrams. Generating a name for himself he still feels as he has a lot more work to do and a whole lot more to accomplish.
To find out more about Karolina Blue check him at www.karolinablue.com