Kandace Breon – “Swag”


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-Kandace Breon-

What makes a legend? Is it mood, movement or timing? Perhaps it is something more than life imitating art? All things considered, Kandace Breon, a 24 year old disciple of the mighty Lauryn Hill says, almost without saying, that each year has been a visceral, instinctual, emotional, and intuitive drama encompassing her life.

Kandace aspired to sing at an early age in church among the choir and inside a talented family circle. Like father, like daughter, she was born to sing and play the piano, drums and guitar. At the tender age of 7 is when her legend begun.

Writing came along with intuition. It was a natural progression, a byproduct of family experiences and encounters through talent shows and showcases throughout the southeast.

Like Will Downing, nurtured and encouraged by “Grandma’s Hands, Kandace showcased her talent among her peers and contemporaries, who not only encouraged her expression, but also her swag. Thus, she evolved from vocalist to rapper without hinge. It was a natural, unadulterated and gradual advancement that would bring her full circle with her voice and persona.

In September of 2012, it was a contemporary and fellow label mate, Sammy Sosa that introduced her to Bonne Vie Music Group/Orpheus Music who immediately saw the clarity, cut and character of such a diamond.

“Swag her first single, available on BVMG records, Itunes, Amazon and various internet sites demonstrate her fluid verse, professional style and intangible flavor. Of her music she says, “I was born into its innocence and raised upon the renaissance of what it is to be an Afro American soul in the south; I am who I am. As unapologetic as the remnants of slavery in places like Charleston, South Carolina, “Swag still manages to come off as contrite, honest and yet contemporary.

In her forthcoming album, “Let Me Be the One, Kandace Breon is a story telling evolution of emotion and empathy through her own and vicarious song. Her knockout future single “Goodbye reveals her womanhood and her innocence, while songs like “A Better Way to Live and “I Wish I Knew are delivered with the fusion of hope and truth.

What makes a Legend? With influences like Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige and Aaliyah, and Meshell Ndegeocello, some would argue the most recent progeny was born on December 30th, 1987 and given the name of Kandace Breon.