Josh VIncent Sings of ‘Small Town Stuff’ On Upcoming Release


First Single, “Two Shots,” Delivers Real Country Music


Burleson, Texas – April 15, 2016 – There are a lot of country artists out there who’ve made their name known playing more on the pop side of the fence, and that’s great for them but when it comes to Josh Vincent – he likes to keep things real. A longtime fan of Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr. and Merle Haggard, Vincent was brought up on the traditional, rebellious spirit of the genre and that’s exactly what listeners can expect when Small Town Stuff drops in June, but first – they’ll get to hear his single, “Two Shots.”

Being that he takes a walk on alternative side of things, Vincent’s Outlaw Country shines through every note and line in the confines of “Two Shots.” This lead single sets the bar for what’s to come from the rest of the five-song EP that’s expected in June, which he wrote and recorded with some help from his friend Randal Clark. Other than people hearing his music and liking it, this one-man show hopes for something a bit more. He says, “I’m hoping to reach as many people as I can through the power of music. When my song comes on I want it to make the listener smile, maybe change someone’s day for the better.”

Being in Texas, it’s not hard for this Country man to play his music and he has been doing just that, spending his nights playing local shows and his fair share of open mics. He hopes to get out there more after Small Town Stuff is released, so that he can continue to share his music with all those who are yearning for more traditional, Outlaw Country in their lives.

Those interested in hearing more from Josh Vincent can check him out online, or contact him below.

Josh Vincent is a Country artist that strays away from the mainstream. His rebellious spirit can be heard on his upcoming release, Small Town Stuff, and currently with the EPs lead single, “Two Shots,” which will be available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and most major music stores on April 15, 2016.

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