Jonathan Lieberman Announces New Album ‘Normal Crazy’

New Hip Hop/Pop Record Out Soon 

Brooklyn, New York – May 15, 2020 – Jonathan Lieberman has always been a musical man, but after years on another career path he’s ready to put his all into his music as an aspiring producer who is about to show his skills on his upcoming release, ‘Normal Crazy.’ 

While there’s no release date yet for ‘Normal Crazy,’ listeners can get a hint of what’s to come on Jonathan Lieberman’s Bandcamp which houses a handful of original tracks. While all of this is new, Lieberman’s relationship with music goes back to the ‘80s and ‘90s when he was writing rap songs with his friend in Yarney Boys. In college he found a new group with Freaks of Nature where he worked with Josh Ralph who was the producer. They often split their time between NYU dorms and Def Jam at the time, where Jonathan met Nikki D and Method Man. By 29, music took a backseat as he entered a career in law. He spent over two decades working at various law firms and the Immigration Court, but recently took a step back from that to get back into music. 

Today, the former hip hop maker is inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift and Michelle Branch. Opening himself up to pop has helped push his overall style and what he can do in terms of producing to new levels. Audiences across the board will be able to hear that and more with the release of ‘Normal Crazy,’ out soon. Jonathan Lieberman worked with a cascade of talented individuals on this record. 

He worked alongside Eric J on four of the tracks.  He came up with the ideas, melody, lyrics, rough structure, and some of the instruments on the songs. Then Eric J helped put them together, came up with the beats, coached him on vocals, and handled most of the audio.  He also worked with Nicole Pinon and John Trent on “Crazy Wednesday.”  Nicole helped with songwriting, chords, and music theory.  John handled the audio, helped with the beat, and played the acoustic guitar on the song. Jessica Delfino also worked on a song that may be included on the album in which she came up with the piano part and Jonathan handled the rest.

Jonathan Lieberman also teamed up with some old friends from back in the day when artists like 3rd Bass and De La Soul were constantly spinning and inspiring his pen. Back when it was in the Yarney Boys his rhyme partner was Brett Isler AKA Don Q. Two songs from that era will be on the album. 

Those interested in adding new music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Normal Crazy’ when available, or interviewing Jonathan Lieberman for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Aspiring music producer Jonathan Lieberman has announced his new album, ‘Normal Crazy,’ out soon. 

Jonathan Lieberman

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