John T Kares Proves His Songwriting Abilities with ‘Gravity’


New Album Out Soon

Calistoga, California – March 28, 2019 – Much like the Allman Brothers and Crosby, Stills, and Nash before him, John T Kares is looking to bring heart back into songwriting with the follow up to his 2018 release, Gravity.

More than a dozen songs made their way onto John T Kares’ 2018 release, Gravity. Each one of them showcasing the California songwriter’s ability to captivate audiences while elevating what it means to deliver a well-crafted song; from “Small Towns” to “Another Man’s Soul” to “Just In Time.” Which is what John T Kares prides himself on. He notes of his drive, “I believe the differentiation in my music from others begins is simply that I write not to sell but to tell,” adding, “If I reach one listener on a very personal level I consider my efforts a grand success.”

Reaching people won’t ever be a problem for John T Kares as he writes about social issues in nature. He notes, “Music is a social tool of healing and communication that begins with the honest and sincere creation, and self-exposure, from the inside out by the writer and absorbed from the outside in by the listener. My goal will always be to create a moment, a lyric, a melody or recall of a special memory on the part of the listener that will remain part of their life for a very long time.” A seasoned songwriter, he is hard at work on the follow-up album that promises to impress as much as the last. Of course, he’s not alone in his efforts when he hits the studio.

John T Kares has worked with some of the most notable names in music today. His guitarist, Jeff Kluesner, has worked with Jetliner, Marizane and the world-renowned voice actress E.G. Daily. American jazz pianist and organist Wayne Peet worked alongside Brian Setzer, as has his other studio companion Denny Croy, the accomplished blues and jazz bassist. John T Kares was also lucky enough to connect with M.B. Gordy. The sought after, Grammy-winning, percussionist is hard to pin down as his resume includes working with everyone from the Doobie Brothers to Yoko Ono to Green Day; as well as scoring a great deal of films that include Frozen, Spider-Man and American Sniper.

The same can be said for Scarlet Rivera who also has an impressive past that includes working her violin strings with Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls, and Bob Dylan. Rounding out John’s incredible list of studio companions is none other than Rosalyn “Rozee” Lockhart. When it comes to her voice, John can only praise her saying, “She understands the balance of emotional and honest sincerity with technical accuracy.  Her delivery is effortless and the result is masterful.”

One doesn’t just happen to work with a dynamic bunch like that for nothing. It goes to show John T Kares is not only a professional in the game but an unspeakable talent that is able to surround himself with key players just as skilled as he. Those interested in featuring John T Kares or his music, or interviewing him can reach out via the information provided below.


John T Kares is a California based singer-songwriter with one album out now and one on the way that each showcase his ability to pen a timeless song.

John T. Kares
Stubborn Soul Music
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