John Russell’s new album, “Decomposition In Extremis”

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — April 4, 2016 — Following on the heels of his recent releases which found John Russell abandoning his conventional guitars, bass and drums in favour of computer generated music, Russell has issued a new album entitled “Decomposition In Extremis”.

Unlike the genre experiments found on “Kingston Nights” (Reggae), “Chillin’ Out” (Chillout/Ambient music) and “Fun On A Friday Night” (Techno), “Decomposition In Extremis” has Russell back in his usual rock element, albeit with the electronic twist found on his most recent albums. “Decomposition” features eight instrumental songs, varying in style from the electro-pop of the opening track “Pragmatic Dogma”, hard rock such as “Party At The Pork Barrel” and “Thrill Of The Hunt”, ballads (“Follow That Dream”) and the industrial metal closing track “” As usual with Russell’s music, we find guitars and drums at the forefront of the sound throughout the album.

“I like guitars and drums,” John says. “Rock music is my ‘comfort zone’, as it were, has been for the last twenty five years. I look upon this new album as expanding on the heavier rock style I worked with on my ‘Dark Days” album, except of course I did it on the computer and as a result was able to throw in some sounds I wouldn’t have used otherwise. I always think back on my old band back in high school, which was a pretty good band…what would we be doing now if we got back together? I think it’d sound a lot like ‘Decomposition In Extremis'”

John admits that making music on the computer using samples does have its limitations: “It is hard trying to come up with material using samples without sounding too repetitive or repeating yourself too much- there’s only so many sounds you can use, after all. But I try to make it work, and I do think one of the advantages has been that it’s allowed me to wander into musical areas I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get into. From an artistic and creative standpoint, it’s been very liberating. Wonder what I’m gonna do next?” He adds with a grin.

“Decomposition In Extremis” is John Russell’s thirteenth album, and his sixth electronic recording. As with the others, he used Magix Music Jam and did the post production work using Sony Sound Forge.

You can hear “Decomposition In Extemis” on John’s website,


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John Russell
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