JdH – The New Prince of EDM.


Mt. Pleasant, TX USA — November 18, 2015 — A new star is rising on the horizon of EDM and that star is JdH. Hailing from the Piney Woods of East Texas, (James D. Harrah) JdH’s musical style ranges anywhere from Industrial and Dance to Ambient/Chill. He has released 7 albums and countless singles and is now working on his eighth album entitled “Starwalker” scheduled for release in early 2016.

EDM fans worldwide have enjoyed JdH since the beginning with his fan base being in Europe. His music has been readily available on iTunes, amazon, jango radio and many other online stores. His focus now is on “Starwalker”, his eighth album currently in production which he considers to be his best work to date and will be available in 2016.

Having prominent radio play I have received numerous comments from friends and fans. Johnminion a fan on jango radio said “someone understands me!!!’ and Kimberly Hickey said of my music; “Your music is AWESOME and I cant wait for ‘Starwalker’ to come out!!!”, TammieSims, another fan stated “Your music makes me wanna dance and be happy!”. Jango radio also issued a ‘popscore’ of 90% for my music which was very exciting!

A rising star on the EDM scene is JdH. Inventive, progressive and catchy tunes abound with this artist who is breaking into the dance/electronica arena with pulsating rhythms and sweat inducing tracks guaranteed to get dancers pumping and fill dancefloors world wide.

Take this opportunity to listen for yourself, but be prepared to dance! http://www.jango.com/music/JdH


J.D.H. – P.K.W. Fire & Water Music.
Phillip K. Workman (Manager/Producer)
302 East 1st Street Mount Pleasant, TX. 75455



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