J.R Laflame Rocks It Out with Rhymes


Hip Hop Meets Rock in Emerald City


Seattle, Washington – April 25, 2016 – Writing all his own material and putting a rock twist on his hip hop style, J.R Laflame has continued to win over audiences all over Seattle. He’s played everywhere from the Nectar Lounge to Black Zia Cantina to Soul Repair Shop, and he’s showed no signs of slowing his momentum down.

DaHipHopPlace has compared him to the rap version of The Gorillaz, adding, “…he sounds more like he’s spitting out spoken word than a rhyme while he’s serving up some dreamscape like music…” All in all though, this emcee works hard to make his name known, “I put tons of hours in the studio. The passion i bring is more than a lot of other artist. If there was no money in the music industry I would still want to make music,” adding, “I talk about my life and a lot people out there can truly relate. My music make people feel a certain way; makes people come alive.”

In the past year he’s dropped two albums; Cold Summers and Gold Da Vinci. With that, he just released his newest single, “What They Want,” off his upcoming record, Dayz Before The Mozart. Fans can expect to hear that fresh new single when he plays Studio 7 with Kung Fu Vampire on June 7.

Those interested in hearing more from, or booking, J.R Laflame can check him out online or contact him with the info below.

J.R Laflame is a Seattle based rapper who puts a rock twist on his rhymes. With his latest single, “What They Want,” he is looking to make waves.

J.R Laflame
Monroe Jones

Official Site: http://artistecard.com/JRLaFlame
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jrlaflame/what-they-want

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