It’s about time…….RnB/Soul


Contact: Terry L Smith
Phone: 314-498-8498

SAINT LOUIS , MISSOURI – With a mix of smooth vocals memorable lyrics over traditional instruments that originally gave you a love of music, Darryl Reese presents you with his best work yet. His newest single now available through popular retail distributors.

By the time he was old enough to walk Darryl Reese was singing songs. As a singer, songwriter and producer he’s created hundreds of songs. He later hooked up with a few local indie record labels Lou Way Records and Dunk Inc. There he co-wrote and produced for local acts Top Notch. Also co-wrote a theme song for a local cable stations reality show. Darryl saw limited action in the St. Louis area and decided to temporarily move with a friend in Texas to put him closer to a familiar Hip Hop/R&B juggernaut Slip-N-Slide Records after being personally contacted by their A&R. Unfortunately the label dissolved during the time and Darryl moved back to St. Louis. There he hooked up with Terry L of Wydtrack Productions an old friend who he used to collaborate with years back. There as of recently he saw all of his dreams of becoming a full fledge musician come to a reality. If you like, R. Kelly, Chico DeBarge, Brian McKnight, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson with a hint of Usher and Chris Brown, this is the music for you!