Introducing: Sshyaam

Introducing: Sshyaam


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London, England – January 8, 2018 – Growing up Sshyaam never sought out lessons nor did he learn to read music, but somehow he had something in him that gave him the gift of song.  Sshyaam started composing music at age of 11 or so. His first song “I Love You” was composed in 1983, followed by “Un paradis” in 1988 and few more but never been released. Sshyaam embarked in the UK to complete his education in 1991. He recreated “I Love You” in 1994 and “I Wanna Dance With You” to pop ballad with other electronic dance tracks. From that point, he stepped away and placed all music and songwriting to rest until 2015.

Since January 2015, he set up his own studio from home, using every spare second to write and record music. Currently, he plans on releasing 250 songs over the course of the next five years. Also, sing in other various languages which are to be released in future i.e. Unheard song in French and oriental.

Self-taught on the keyboard, Sshyaam uses that and his thoughts to create his cascade of songs that fall into a variety of genres including pop, reggae, electronic, rock and instrumental. Lyrically this singer-songwriter gets personal, noting, “Most of my songs come instantly from my dreams, or childhood experiences or out of the blue whilst playing a keyboard or a beat or a chord or a base or witnessing the up and down in life of others whether it may be romance, poverty, finance, health, crime, and behaviour. That’s why I like to work with my own ideas.”

He adds, My songs are not fake creations, but real-time emotions relating to the heart and love, hence the romantic feelings, the words and the melody of each track. He kept most of his songs clocked to that divine heartbeat and rhythm of 70-80 bpm.

Sshyaam is currently working on a new release, and he wants listeners to know that he’s not in it for the fame and fortune. He does not plan on living off his music, but he does want to make people live for what he makes through the messages his songs relay. Sshyaam makes music because he truly loves to do so and has said that whatever money comes his way from it will go to charity. Sshyaam enjoy composing new music everyday whether it is a lyrics, piano, trumpet, saxophone, a base, chord, video making and enjoy doing it all on his own.

Sshyaam Discography:
1983 – I Love You (Unreleased)
1988 – L’ ile, Un Paradis (Unreleased) plus 2 more songs for a contest.
1991 – Instrumental x10 unheard
1993 – I Love You (Version 2)
1994 – I Love You (Version 3)
1994 – I Wanna Dance With You (Unreleased)
1994 – All I Want is You (Unreleased)
1994 – I’m Gonna Hold You (Unreleased)
1995 -2015  – Stepped away from music but additional 250 unheard songs composed but not written up.
2016 – Reappearance – If You Were With Me
2017 – Christmas is coming has a release date on 24/12/2017 which will be available soon.

Upcoming Releases:
2018 – If You Were With Me (Reprise) – Release date on iTunes 14/02/2018
2018 – If You Were With Me (Remix) – Release date April
2019 – If You Were With Me (Final) – Release date February

Official Site:
Vimeo :

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