Introducing “Gospel RV”: A New Genre Bridging the Gap Between Young and Old in Gospel Music

Carlton Person, Gospel RV

Hampton, Va. —In a world where rap and R&B dominate the music scene, traditional gospel music often struggles to connect with the youth of today. Recognizing the need for a fresh approach that combines contemporary beats with timeless meaning, Carlton W. Person introduces “Gospel RV,” a new genre that aims to inspire and engage young listeners while staying true to its spiritual roots. This innovative sound seeks to bridge the gap between generations and bring the message of God’s love to a wider audience.

“Gospel RV” is a genre designed to captivate the hearts of today’s youth. By infusing gospel music with a new school hype and an old school feel, it creates a unique sound that resonates with younger listeners. The lyrics of “Gospel RV” songs serve a dual purpose – to help young people understand the transformative power of God while delivering a captivating musical experience that thumps through their speakers. It is the perfect fusion of spirituality and contemporary music, appealing to both the young and the young at heart.

Parents naturally care about the music their children listen to, as it greatly influences their beliefs and behaviors. With “Gospel RV,” Carlton Person seeks to provide an alternative that inspires and uplifts young souls, guiding them towards what is right and appropriate. By bridging the gap between generations, “Gospel RV” creates a musical landscape where faith and contemporary culture coexist harmoniously.

Carlton W. Person, the visionary behind “Gospel RV,” has been playing keys for over 30 years in service of God. Last year, he embarked on a mission to reach both young and old with his music, spreading the message of Jesus and the transformative power of faith. In his home studio, he personally writes, composes, and produces his music, showcasing a seamless blend of new school beats and old school sentiments. Each song is a heartfelt expression of his own
life experiences, emphasizing that drugs are not the answer to life’s challenges – God is.

To experience the inspiring sounds of “Gospel RV,” visit Carlton Person’s page and listen to his tracks. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the fusion of contemporary beats and timeless messages that resonate with the soul.



Carlton W. Person is a passionate musician who has dedicated over three decades to playing keys for God. In his pursuit to bring the message of Jesus to young and old alike, he created the genre “Gospel RV,” which combines new school beats with an old school feel. Carlton writes, composes, and produces his music in his home studio, pouring his heart into every song. Through his music, he shares his personal journey and highlights the power of faith over worldly struggles.



Gospel RV
Name: Carlton Person
Address: 675 Greenbriar Ave, #2, Hampton, Va.
Phone: 757 913 7507



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