Intimate Acoustic Rhythms and Soul-Touching Songwriting – American Indie Artist Alec Leon Drops Profound New Single

Alec Leon

“Underneath the Moonlight” is a moving spectacle of layered and beautifully crafted lyrics and soothing rhythms

Phoenix, Arizona — September 30th, 2022 – Stirring emotions with his moving, honest, and poignant musical character, singer-songwriter Alec Leon is a promising name in the Soul and Acoustic genre. An ingenious American Indie songwriter, rapper, and musician, Alec’s genre-fluid musical style sets him apart from other rising artists. His newest release, “Underneath the Moonlight,” features a viscerally appealing, emotional narrative that highlights the best the artist has to offer.

Love, infatuation, honesty, emotions, and passion are core themes of the new single, effectively setting the stage for Alec Leon’s engaging music and vocals. A compelling track, “Underneath the Moonlight,” draws audiences into an intimate struggle between the mind and heart, opening with a heartening blend of instrumentation.

Using his characteristic expressive songwriting and eclectic tonal variations, Alec Leon depicts an awe-inspiring musical presence and authority. “Underneath the Moonlight” is rich, inventive, relatable, and yet rivetingly original in its storytelling essence.

“Underneath the Moonlight” adds to a discography that includes tracks such as “Letting Go,” “Stargazer,” as well as the artist’s debut single “Beautiful.” The artist’s musical career flourished with his debut release, which delivered a brilliantly composed single underscored by soulful, illuminating, and inspiring vocals.

Alec’s musical compositions weave together vital, realistic stories into heartfelt acoustic rhythms and tunes. For instance, “Beautiful” highlights a person’s struggle in life with thoughts of self-harm and darkness, presenting the hopeful reminder that one is not alone in this broken world. A shoulder of support, Alec’s music inspires listeners to discover the “perfection caged inside” that channels their beauty in mind, body, and soul.

Visit Alec Leon’s official website to check out/download/buy his new single, “Underneath the Moonlight”! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



Alec Leon, also known for his stage name Pho3nixRising, was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He started writing songs at the age of ten, picked up his first guitar, and started writing and performing, then got into producing music at age fifteen.

Alec is a multi-genre singer-songwriter, guitarist, rapper, and producer [under the label Conjure Music]. He is an indie, next-generation American artist creating music which has a purpose and which delivers meaning and impact. The dynamic artist marked his fantastic debut with the single, “Beautiful,” which was released to audiences in 2017.

“I don’t believe in being boxed in by genres because it limits an artist’s ability to create and tap into their greatest potential,” says Alec Leon regarding his music.

Studying a vibrant set of styles and seamlessly incorporating dynamic elements into his fusion music, Alec continues to motivate audiences. He remains inspired by the mantra that “music is a part of everyone’s life, so it must be created with a purpose.”


Alec Leon
Name: Tommy Leon
Phone: (602)799-4382



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