International Theatrical Pop Singer Vinzent Massi releases his latest CD; COVER ME ECLECTICA!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Vinzent Massi at Phone: 716-541-7052 Email: Buffalo, New York Dynamic, Dramatic and Charismatic describe Theatrical Pop Singer Vinzent Massi with his powerhouse vocals, and with all of this comes his latest endeavor and creation, an outstanding CD he has recorded and released.  The CD entitled; COVER ME ECLECTICA, is a collection of ten international hits featuring an exciting array of styles, genres, and eras that will appeal to many people from all over the globe.  The CD is available at Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify, Muze, and many other international song and music stores online.  You can check out the singer’s official website at; and catch up on his other projects in the works. Vinzent worked hard on the CD for two years and is now working on another CD and plans for live concerts in 2015 are on the drafting table.  Since the age of ten Vinzent has pursued his passion and dream to share music with everyone in the world.  He truly is an international symbol of music appealing to all cultures crossing musical tastes.  He also has new music videos out that compliment some of the songs on his new CD.  Along with the new CD, Vinzent is in the studio currently working on more songs for both is upcoming CD “Dreamer” and his live concert.  Enabling him to follow his dream is his sheer determination and strength as a person and performer and true artist.


For the last 25 years and since age of ten the singer has shared music and art with the world.… ...Read More

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