Inspirations Sparked from Real-Life Conversations and Stories- Louisiana Claude Drops Authentic New Music

Louisiana Claude and September 10th

With spellbinding instrumentation that accentuates carefully crafted, heartfelt lyricism, Louisiana Claude is exploring his own distinctive voice

Raceland, Louisiana — October 21st, 2022 – With his new Ep  “The Road Traveled,” Louisiana Claude presents an awe-inspiring musical composition, evoking a poignant and nostalgic sentiment. Inspired by observations and conversations with displaced people in the small city of Houma in Louisiana, Claude’s stirring tracks offer a unique perspective to audiences.

With his characteristic guitar solos beautifully accentuating his tracks, Louisiana Claude sheds light upon the relatable everyday life experiences of many individuals around us. By portraying ordinary life stories in a new light, Claude delivers an intriguing narrative. Slated to drop on October 28th, 2022, his Ep  “The Road Traveled,” has been recorded with Pershing Wells at Sac-A’-Lait studios in Houma, Louisiana.

A gifted singer-songwriter, Louisiana Claude’s new singles offer a range of appealing stories and viewpoints, absorbing listeners in his craft. His single, “Church Street,” is a story of a Tattooed High School graduate’s decision to live in motels and work on the streets. Meanwhile, the single “Kaylie Mae” is the tale of a waitress who missed her calling and is now faced with the challenges of a fast-paced life passing by.

Similarly, “Toughest Angel” underlines a true-life story of a troubled 40-year-old woman with grown impatient children living in a trailer on a small disability check, and “Kool Me Down” is an upbeat track regarding a shipyard worker finding love.

“My goal is to keep writing and find my own niche in the music industry. Be it through gigs, contracts, or networking, I find myself trying to catch up to the ever-changing business of music. With my new release, “The Road Traveled, “I hope to be on top of the heap,” says the artist regarding his music and plans.

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A driven singer-songwriter Claude Hitt, better known as “Louisiana Claude,” spent much of his time growing up in Singapore. When he was in high school, Claude began writing songs in the Folk-Blues genre, trying his hand at the art of songwriting. After returning to Louisiana, then he garnered honorable mentions in a few music contests before performing at open mics in clubs around New Orleans. Gracing audiences with his own striking originals, Claude began hosting his independent open mic sessions at a Lake Pontchartrain campground, and “Don’t Hitt the Baker” became the house band at Igors Lucky’s.

Performing alongside a host of talented musicians throughout Louisiana, Claude continued to explore his gift of songwriting. Under the intriguing stage name, ‘Louisiana Claude,’ the prolific artist has continued to amaze audiences with his live performances. The artist can be heard singing his originals at the Neutral Grounds Coffee House in New Orleans once a month and at The Happy Game Bar and The Blue Moon along Bayou Lafourche.


Louisiana Claude and September 10th
Name: Claude Hitt
Address: 2831 Hwy 1, Raceland, Louisiana


SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud/louisianaclaude

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