Inspiration Comes From The People You Follow

Inspiration Comes From The People You Follow


Wichita, Kansas — January 4, 2016 — Music isn’t something your hear, it is something you feel. Kenzie Ziegay does not write about what people want to hear, or sound how people expect. Kenzie writes about her experiences, she sings how she wants to. To be honest, it is boring if an artist sings just to sing; an artist has to feel the lyrics in order for the song to be good.

A lot of people don’t care if an artist can feel the music or not, as long as they sing well. However one cannot feel the music, unless the artist does. Music is about telling a story, and stories are exactly why people love music so much. Kenzie Ziegay is where someone can find those hidden stories one loves so much.

Inspiration comes from the people you follow.” Everyone has someone they look up to; a celebrity they want to be like. Those celebrities, those people you look up to, are where you get your inspiration from. My inspiration, comes from within myself, because who I want to be, is me.

The reason many artist do not make it into the industry, is mainly due to the fact that the artist themselves, cannot feel their own music. This is because they write about things they think people want to listen to. They sing they way professional singer do and learn nothing. This is wrong, one needs to have their own voice, their own color.

Kenzie Ziegay is someone who has her own voice, her own style, her own color. She does not copy other artist and write what she want to. Just because some other popular artist has catchy lyrics and a beautiful voice, doesn’t mean she has to. Everyone is different, and that’s what make the world so great.

To know more about Kenzie, visit her website:


Kenzie has dealt with multiple difficulties throughout her lifetime. She puts those emotions and hardships into her music. Her music is one of the only things that give her hope.

Kenzie Ziegay
[email protected]


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