Innovative Experimental Hip Hop Artist Looks To Make Impact With Debut Album



Pittsburgh, PA — November 4, 2015 — Albums are meant to display the passion and degree of an artists work to the masses. An Experimental Hip Hop Artist by the name of “Ares Knight is looking to display his passion to the world. His forthcoming debut album.

“Genesis” is what his camp calls “an audio theatrical experience”. This twenty one track debut piece will be a free digital release, hitting the internet on November 9th.

The city of Pittsburgh has seen only a few Hip hop artists emerge from within and take the industry by storm. The once secretive rap reciting school child is now looking to place a mark on the industry. Ares Knight’s 21 track debut album is being said to bring a sense of story, varied production styles, quality tracks and an ending that will set up his next album with ease. Knight’s “Genesis” will be available for free on the popular Hip hop website “Dat Piff” November 9th.

“Genesis is honestly like a movie, if you look at it that way. The story is the film and the songs are precisely ordered to be the soundtrack.” -Ares Knight

“It took me months to write the plot and conceive this album, but only fourteen days to record it. I’m a calculating artist, so I busted my behind during those fourteen sessions.” -Ares Knight

Ares Knight’s debut album “Genesis”, looks to be a project with alot behind it. Knight has described that he wants fans of hip hop and music in general to go into the project and form opinions.

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Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a single parented home after the death of his Father, Knight took on a passion for music at a young age. Throughout the years, his love for poetry and rapping would take him to another level that he failed to imagine. After years of working and visualizing the day, Ares is finally preparing to release his first full length project.

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