Infectious Rhythms and Energetic Beats Bring to Life the Sensation of Dance and Electronic –DJ O-Bey Stuns with New Drop

Dj O-Bey

Titled “Dr Ah Lee,” Dj O-Bey’s exhilarating new album is a crystal depiction of his love and passion for Electronic, immersing audiences in a world of his own

Detroit, MI —October 31st, 2023 – A seasoned sensation in Detroit’s electronic scene, Dj O-Bey, is back and ready to make everyone move along to his his latest album. A riveting record, “Dr Ah Lee,” is set to release on November 18, 2023, and captures an inventive spirit and charisma that has become synonymous with the artist.

A talented and dynamic figure in Detroit’s music scene, DJ O-Bey aims to curate music which is all about energy, and it is designed to make anyone move. His exhilarating new record, “Dr Ah Lee” promises to be a striking release, packed with tracks that are bound to put anyone on the dance floor.

The artist’s first single from the album, “Fed up,” features the exceptional talents of Junior Paes and sets the tone for what you can expect from the entire record. While Dj O-Bey’s music is known for its high-energy tracks, “Dr Ah Lee” offers more than just pulse-pounding beats.

The album also encompasses laid-back tunes such as “Cigar Music” and exciting tracks such as “Naga Dance,” all of which have already been released this year. A symbol of Dj O-Bey’s versatility and commitment to creating unique music, the artist not only energizes but also entertains.

With “Dr Ah Lee” on the horizon and plans to keep releasing more music in the future, Dj O-Bey is gearing up to make a lasting impact on the electronic and dance music scene, one beat at a time.

Dj O-Bey’s music is available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms, and you can explore his impressive album collection on Spotify and other major music platforms! To stay in tune with Dj O-Bey’s vibrant musical journey, follow him

YouTube as Dj O-Bey, and on Facebook, to connect with his music journey!

Collaborations are also up on the artist’s radar, so artists looking to create something exceptional in the electronic and dance music domain should definitely get in touch.



Born as Bayano Ali, Dj O-Bey is more than just a DJ; he is a prolific music producer who has been shaping the electronic and dance music scene for over two decades.

Dj O-Bey’s roots lie in Detroit, the birthplace of techno and house music, which has deeply influenced his musical style. Growing up just around the corner from Buy Rite Music, a legendary record store specializing in 12-inch vinyl, the artist has always been immersed in the rich heritage of dance music.

This early exposure instilled in him a profound love for house and techno. As an artist who thrives on creating energetic and captivating music, Dj O-Bey is set to drop his latest album, “Dr Ah Lee.”


Dj O-Bey
Name: Dj O-Bey
Phone: 3136170028



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