Infamous Brings a Sophisticated Blend of Reggae and Hip Hop


Las Vegas, Nevada – September 17, 2016 – Infamous, a native of Trinidad who at an early age knew his direction in life would be music. After moving to New York City at the age of sixteen, Infamous began developing and recording his music. He later moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he currently resides.

Being intrigued with his multifaceted talent, he began searching for inspiration. He tuned his ear to hip hop and rap music and studied his favorite artists along with the Reggae artists he admired as a child growing up in Trinidad. With that, Infamous began to create his own style of music. He combined all of his favorite artists into one and extracted the passion, the drama, the excitement, and the intensity and formed a unique and original sound which is exclusively his own style.

Infamous notes, “I feel with the hip hop and rap we’ve been given is a great gift. It’s like once upon a time only a few rich men had the power and opportunity to control the media, thoughts and actions of the people. They controlled our reality. What we read was what we knew and believed. However, with music we the artist now have the power to reach millions of people around the world and open their minds and eyes to what’s going on in our little corner of the earth.”

Being a perfectionist, Infamous constantly seeks to improve his music and talent. He believes that no matter how good something i, it can always get better. His tracks are now loaded with a mixture of hip hop, Reggae and R&B based beats blended together in a sophisticated fashion over hardcore but sometimes conscious lyrics. He is also ready to join forces with charitable foundations around the planet in the hopes of bringing about change where ever change is greatly needed. His incredible new album Urban Relations is soon to be released. His first Single “Dream Come True” is now available online.

Those interested in hearing more from Infamous can check out his new single “Dream Come True,” now available on his web site and online stores.


Infamous’ music is a sophisticated blend of Reggae and hip hop that gives his fans a warm Caribbean feeling no matter where they may be.

Anton White


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