Illuminating the Way with Enchanting and Soulful Jazz Music- Steven B Strikes All the Right Chords with “It’s Time”

Steven B.

A heartfelt and moving portrait of emotions, Steven Bundick’s latest release cements his place as an extraordinary saxophonist and vocalist

Landover, MD —October 11th, 2023 – Saxophonist and vocalist Steven B’s soul-striking latest venture is his stunning EP- “It’s Time” which forms a testament to his incomparable musical prowess. The striking EP, comprising four original tunes, offers a look into the raw and deep chasms of life.

“Can We Try Again,” the lead track from Steven B’s EP, is a heartfelt entreaty for a second chance, be it in personal relationships, work dynamics, or spiritual quests. This soul-stirring piece resonates with the universal desire for redemption and renewal. Through its rich melodies and poignant lyrics, Steven B masterfully conveys the belief that, given the opportunity to try again, everything can be set right. The song evokes a sense of hope and optimism that lingers long after the last note has played.

If I Could” delves into the deep well of human emotions and yearning, a wish to heal, make amends, and overcome pain. Through this compelling song, Steven B captures the essence of human vulnerability and the realization that, at times, acceptance is the only path forward.

Rediscovering one’s innate spirit, his track “A Love Like This(So Divine)“, soulfully narrates the moment when you discover profound self-love and the love of the divine. Featuring the keyboard work of co-writer Jonathan Davis, Steven B exhibits his vocal skills here to express the peacefulness of discovering one’s spiritual place within and with the universe.

Contrastingly, “In Flight” offers an exhilarating musical experience, akin to cruising with the car windows down or the thrilling anticipation just before take-off on an airport runway. This song features the legendary trumpeter and flugelhorn virtuoso, Tom Browne, whose solo work soars gracefully through the track.

In Flight” has also earned critical recognition and widespread acclaim when it was nominated for the 2023 Jazz (Smooth/Cool) category at the HIMA (Hollywood Independent Music Awards).

Steven B believes that music should move an audience in three essential ways: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Whether it’s making someone smile, dance, or reflect on life’s profound questions, he weaves compositions that serve as a bridge to deeper connections with oneself and the world.

Visit Steven B.’s official website ( to check out, download, and purchase his new music and follow the artist on social media! Contact him for interviews, reviews, and collaborations, and embark on an enchanting musical journey.



Steven B’s musical journey is deeply rooted in the rich heritage of jazz, r&b, blues and gospel legends such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Earth Wind & Fire, Grover Washington Jr., BB King, Lou Rawls, Stanley Turrentine, Richard Smallwood, among others. He has shared stages with national recording artists like Jean Carne, Jeffery Osborne, George Duke, Tom Browne, Roy Hargrove, Ledisi, and many more.

Steven B’s captivating performances have graced private parties, fundraisers, and gala events attended by political figures and celebrities alike. From an early age, Steven B was immersed in music, learning to play the clarinet, and later discovering his profound connection with the saxophone. Music runs deep in his family, with his father being a semi-professional saxophonist and clarinetist who played alongside legends like John Coltrane and Jimmy Heath.

As an ever-evolving artist, Steven B remains determined to fulfil his goals to stir emotions, provoke thoughts, and lead listeners on a transformative journey with his heartfelt and spirit-filled melodic musical themes with his tools of choice – his saxophone and his voice.


Steven B.
Name: Steven Bundick

Official Website:






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