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don mecks(dmex) 734 858 4981 dmex7777@gmail.com westland mi checkout one of the new up coming techno and dance music cd’s from dmex available at itunes,iheart radio, amazon,spotifly and many others if you like techno house and dance music then this guys got it! you can also checkout www.jango.com/music/dmex where you can get more info even become a fan! with over 1000 listeners you might want to give it a listen. weather your in your car, jogging, or working out there’s something for everyone, relax your mind which is the latest cd is sure to get your adrenaline pumping! born 01/16/1961 i been making music for at least 16 years my style is simular to artist like juan atkins,derrick may,kevin sauderson. my other genres include r n b and jazz funk! my main instrument is bass guitar, theres also a video on youtube that was posted two years ago its my 1st interview as a D.B.P. detriot bass player by the way throw your hands up in the club is one of my favorite tracks sure to get your head movin! theres also techno and dance music cd called music for your soul which is available to hear on www.jango.com/music/dmex cd will be available soon on itunes and other music websites! one of the tracks (if you want that body you got to work that body! has already got possitive feedback from fans all over the world,so checkout the new music from (dmex) im sure you’ll be screaming for more!!


ever since i was the age of 16 i was always around all types of music but the difference between… ...Read More

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