I am a Middle Eastern hip-hop artist born and raised in Southern California. I made feel good music, and something you can dance to and enjoy. Find out for yourself by checking out my music now.

Laverne, CA. — Saturday, July 20th, 2019 — Nile Rivers is a hip-hop artist from Southern California that releases a new song every month. He does so legitimately through Tunecore and protecting his music through ASCAP. His music is released to all major platforms to gain maximum exposure. He started releasing his music on April 2nd of 2019 and now has 4 songs in his catalog, which will grow every month.

Nile Rivers has a fanbase located in Pomona, CA that supports his work by allowing him to perform at local bars and venues. He brings much more to the table than just music. His charm, kindness, and ability to create conceptual music separates him from the rest. His music is found on all major platforms including and not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, and Tidal. He creates and releases a new song every month to have a consistent fan base.

Nile Rivers not only creates music but brings music lovers together. His ability to find talented artists and creating with them is said to be “out of this world.” Most people that know him to say he’s “the glue that brings everyone together.” As someone who is loved by his community and peers, he also brings that same energy into the studio when it comes down to business. He is currently an independent artist but is looking to make a name out of himself by putting himself out there in as many ways as he can.

Nile Rivers has been making music for over 10 years and is now ready to share his works with the world. His ambitions are high and his work ethic even higher. He is a pleasure to work with and will do anything it takes to put his name on the map.

In conclusion, Nile Rivers is the “next big thing.” With new music releasing every month, his listeners are always looking to what he will do next and who he will be working with. He creates a huge buzz on his Instagram social media platform and makes efforts you see in not only an ambitious musician but also a business pioneer.

Take a listen to his latest song “Shine” where he talks about being a hip hop artist without all the stereotypes that go along with being one.





Nile Rivers is a Middle Eastern independent hip hop artist based out of Southern California. He creates music that speaks his true nature with lyrics/melodies/compositions that can be enjoyed and appreciated by the masses.



Nile Rivers
Nael Khoury
6767 Colina De Oro, Laverne, CA. 91750

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