Hutton Records Announces Release of Imani Hutton’s Innovative New Album “Go The Right Way”


Hutton Records Announces Release of Imani Hutton’s Innovative New Album “Go The Right Way”

With their eyes set firmly on the goal of bringing classic ethics and positivity back to the world of independent music labels, Hutton Records has recently announced the release of their first album, Imani Hutton’s “Go The Right Way.” Crossing genres and styles flawlessly, Imani displays a sensibility and talent that has music fans standing up and taking notice.


Some of the best music has always been inspired by how an artist responds to life’s daily struggles, and their thoughts and reflections on adversity. Hutton Record’s new release from Imani Hutton, “Go The Right Way,” offers all this and more. Imani steps away from the idea of being restrained by a single musical style or genre and simply delivers heart-felt music that’s equal parts honest, hypnotic, thought provoking and even emotionally raw. The album marks Hutton Records emergence into the music scene, fueled by the label’s desire to deliver great music with an eye towards building communities.

“We are very proud of the work Imani has done on this album ‘Go The Right Way’ and we are thrilled that it is our first release,” commented Armand Hutton, CEO of Hutton Records. “The album accurately depicts the ideals of the label thru it’s ability to touch the soul of the listener.”

Highlight on the album include: The Beginning feat. Dre Waldon II, Find A Way To Love, Can’t Help Myself, and Circuit Dialog/Dance With You feat. Armand “Hops” Hutton (from Naturally 7) among many. In fact, early reviews have pointed to “Go The Right Way” not having a weak song in the bunch.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “Imani Hutton’s album was really a complete pleasant surprise for me. There’s great R&B and Soul influences, but I think the lyrics are what’s made me a believer. Since I downloaded ‘Go The Right Way’, it hasn’t left my playlist and I find myself singing songs like ‘Can’t Help Myself’ all day long. Check this out you won’t regret it!”

It’s clear Hutton Records is paving their own way, and if Imani Hutton and “Go The Right Way” are an indication of the direction they are headed in, expect to hear their name much more often in the music press in the very near future.

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