Humorous Spin on Old School Rap to Deliver a Compelling Mix – Thee Immortal Mr. Miraculous Delivers New Single


A light-hearted, hilarious take on the beloved genre sees ‘Thee Immortal Mr. Miraculous’ enchant audiences with a brilliant, refreshing release

Norfolk, VA —May 12th, 2023 – Bringing an infectious, energetic, and distinctive original vibe to the world of Hip Hop and R&B, Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous is building a reputation which upholds his intriguing identity itself.

With his exhilarating and hilarious new spin on his track, “Y Da Eff Iz U Still Single,” the eclectic artist envelops listeners with all the feel-good vibes. Imbibing a sense of humor and playful lightheartedness within his tracks, the genius artist is continuing a musical journey which began when he was only 2 years of age.

Having been a rapper his entire life, Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous is now enlivening listeners with his innovative style and spins on Old-school and New-School Hip Hop. His exciting new single has been a much-awaited remix which audiences have been eyeing for quite some time.

With “Y Da Eff Iz U Still Single,” the inventive artist aims to remain true to the original Hip-Hop style, rhythms, and inimitable flow which represent his brand. With ISHYABOI PRODUCTIONS, the artistic powerhouse unveiled the new single for listeners on May 12th, 2023.

“I want everyone to enjoy laughing with me as I glamorize some of my favorite female celebrity fantasies and build eager anticipation for the remix of “Y Da Eff Iz U Still Single,” says the artist.

Focused to explore new tangents and present listeners with unheard, undiscovered tastes of the genre, Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous is a marvel who continues to rap entertaining lyrics, elevated by J Belz October who puts his production spin on Al B Sure’s original track.

The promising artist notes how he wrote “Y Da Eff Iz U Still Single” with every intention of challenging his listeners to listen to it from beginning to end without laughing at least three times.

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Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous is a seasoned artist who infuses old school music with his unique rap lyrics, breathing new life into the classic genre with a captivating twist. With a remarkable fifty-two years of experience, the artist remains dedicated to the roots of Hip-Hop, maintaining the authentic style and flow that resonates with true enthusiasts.

Motivated to share music worldwide, captivating both the young and old, while earning a place among the renowned artists heard on the radio, Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous appeals primarily to mature music lovers aged thirty-five and above. However, his vision extends beyond personal success, aiming to elevate old school rappers and spark a friendly competition with the new generation. With his undying passion and talent, he endeavours to unite the best of both worlds and carve his own path.


Name: Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous
Address: 2327 carona ave, Norfolk, VA



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