Hot band….WARNING

Contact: Kohli Bartlett
Phone: 2314215651 or 23131359
Email: [email protected]

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN – Check out the new hot metal band from Traverse City, MI. Their name is WARNING and they are young, talented and sexy.

Members include John (Caden) VanHaaren who is the guitarist and vocalist has been the first to start the band, wrote the song Wall Street 2 years ago and then when the Occupy Wall Street incident occurred he decided to make the music video on youtube called WARNING Wall Street Official Music Video.

James (Freak) VanHaaren is the drummer of the band and holds the record for double bass at 280+ BPM without triggers. Freak makes Animal from the MUPPETS look more like Elmo. Freak never even breaks a sweat.

Jon (Jonquil) Henderson is the bassist for the band and he is the wild one on stage, he loves jumping around the stage and getting down with the audience. Jonquil even builds some of the guitars and equipment for the band.

Brian (Hellstorm) Riggs is the new addition to WARNING. Just joining the band in May as the 2nd lead guitarist and vocals, Hellstorm surely knows what he is doing. He is a fast learner and can listen to a song and then play it perfectly. Hellstorm is recording his own original music in his spare time.

Please visit their site and review them. Thank you.

Kohli – WARNING personal publicist
[email protected]
231-313-5951 or 231-421-5651