HiWay Muzik – The Next Level of Hip Hop

HiWay Muzik - The Next Level of Hip Hop

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HiWay Dre… The Hip Hop Behind The Name

Milwaukee, April 2012

Nothing says “Rock like live guitars and no one breathes “Hip Hop like HiWay Dre. True to the good ole days of Hip Hop’s origin when it was all about the music, the dopest beats and the most meaningful, keepin’ it real lyrics, HiWay Dre tells the tales he’s blessed to have lived through without glorifying the negatives that riddle his past.

Raised in a single parent household in the lesser desired neighborhoods of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from a small child, HiWay Dre took to the wide variety of music enjoyed by his mother. From Steppenwolf to Prince to Public Enemy to Motown’s greatest legends, he’s heard it all. Along with sports, music played a major role in keeping him sane in an otherwise dysfunctional existence where little else made sense including a school system that was more like juvenile detention; a neighborhood/war zone that stood between him and the school; and a drugged out, absentee father; the latter which left him with a bitterness that drove him to the streets with a fury no one would have guessed this mild mannered, model kid possessed, and no one could have stopped once it began.

HiWay Dre doesn’t just talk the talk. He’s the embodiment of what he speaks. He coined his blend of Hip Hop, Rock, R&B and Soul, “HiWay Muzik and touches upon one of the reasons behind it. “My goal is to keep it real, to tell the truth about where I’ve been and what I’ve been through. HiWay Muzik for me is life. It ain’t about guns, it ain’t about hustling, it ain’t about killing… it’s about life, struggle, and surviving long enough to do something real big, real relevant.

Rather zoning out on the highway to guitar driven beats, deep into lyrics poured from his soul, or bumping in the club to high impact joints that compel the body to show out on the dance floor, one thing is crystal clear, this artist/producer has developed a winning product laced with mass appeal and destined for global acceptance.

HiWay Dre’s goal is to become a major asset to an established record label where he can further develop as an artist and producer under the tutelage of seasoned professionals. He’s currently shopping a demo CD of joints to pop in the club, the streets, and beyond and hitting the studio to prepare more tracks for his anticipated debut, retail sales, and more the summer of 2012.

With influences like Dr. Dre, Pharell, and Timbaland on the production side, and old school Hip Hop generals like Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, Q-Tip, and WuTang from a writer and artist perspective, HiWay Dre is the consummate artist/producer… a true asset with no downside.

Driven by self determination, dedication, and a sincere love of Hip Hop, HiWay Dre is destined for success. His slick delivery is second to none. His beats are industry ready. His mere presence commands attention. Don’t sleep on this one. HiWay Dre is the next voice in Hip Hop. It’s time for him to be heard.

HiWay Dre’s Music: http://www.musicxray.com/artists/HiWayDre.

Artist Website for updates, info & more: http://www.hiwaydre.com

HiWay Dre, c/o C. Mathis Enterprises, 3819 W Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53216
Cee (Manager): (414) 366-4208 – [email protected],

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