His City Tried To Silence Him, His Family Turned Their Backs On Him But This Hot Young Artist Simply Said “I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do Cause It Is What It Is”

His City Tried To Silence Him, His Family Turned Their Backs On Him But This Hot Young Artist Simply Said “I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do Cause It Is What It Is”


Brampton, Ontario, Canada — Saturday, April 17th, 2021 — Charismatic Canada based hiphop artist Papi dulani yts has etched out great rap numbers and slain the fans with his touch of elegance and incredible finesse.

The prolific rapper, Papi dulani yts has impressed the fans with his fearless and shining brilliance in his latest tracks. He has etched out contemporary vibes in his latest tracks ‘Back it up (explicit)’ and ‘Back of the back’. Actually just the other day he dropped a fully loaded freestyle album raw and uncut flows rhythm and delivery, some in which reference his home city of Toronto. These are some of the best tracks by the very cool Canada based hiphop artist. He is also known as Dom cosmo and considers it the alter ego of his artistic self. He is a versatile artist and the initials yts goes as ‘young trend setter’. This is very apt for the singer and he is very busy churning out rap numbers at regular intervals. The fans can check out his latest posts on his Facebook profile.

The mind-blowing tracks, ‘Back it up (explicit) and ‘Back of the back’ have oodles of funk. The astounding rapper, Papi dulani yts has lit up the ambiance with an addictive groove. The independent artist speaks about his past lifestyle through his tracks. He has got a lot in store for the fans as he had an eventful life. All these incident finds a place in his tracks. He considers himself an alien specimen who has a love-hate relation with humans. The audience will catch a glimpse of his shared updates that are available on his Instagram handle.

Listen to the old and the new songs to get an inner perspective of someone who used to rap on the job write while he walked, been to court houses for allegations in which he won, cried and bled for this lifestyle literally has no friends they all betrayed him or just didnt care for him the way he cared for them had days when he slept out doors, went missing for a couple days seen messages thru the animal kingdom believe it or not something like bruce almighty, got held back in school, lost his pops to cancer overcame suicidal tendencies, overcame substance abuse and came from the hood just trying to make it out with those he came up with.

If you’re wondering why he decided to tell you all of this its because im capable of acknowledging thsat the media will dig this all up anyways once he does finally make it so he says he’s “shameless” and okay with letting his past shine thru and fuel the hunger within him for his future to show where he’s come from who he’s evolved into and where he’s going and maybe you can relate to a thing or two maybe you can’t but all he’s asking is that you just give him the chance his people didn’t.

The uniqueness and confidence of the rapper have helped him dish out infectious tracks. He is inspired by quite a few legends and some of them are Lil Wayne, Drake, Justin Bieber, Eminem, and also Michael Jackson. He also lip-syncs some iconic female artists while growing up and that passion later transformed into serious rap.The exquisite tracks by the rapper are streamed on Soundcloud under name Papi Dulani yts The cracking cover art as well as alter ego music by the rapper is trending here as Dom Cosmo YouTube

He’s the new Prince Of Rap The future king of pop a Don Dodda amongst Don Doddas he’s Dulani.





Artist Papi Dulani Yts aka artist Dom Cosmo is a hip hop, pop fanatic r&b rapping machine with no intentions of stopping anytime soon. They love to hate but hate to love and that takes him out of his comfort zone which inevitably fuels him to create intense deliveries on his tracks. From past life of emotional hurt to uplifting head bops of creative domination. Meet the freshest artist who’s story was never told…until now.



Papi Dulani Yts aka Dom Cosmo the second artist name used by Dulani
Dulani j Reid McNichols
238 Albright road


SNAPCHAT : papi_domcosmo it shows who I really am in fewer words but real talks I am trying to become… ...Read More

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