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CALUMET CITY , ILLINOIS – Hip hop artist Big Baby born and raised on the southside of Chicago. He is known for his catchy rhymes and hooks. With not just one style of rap he is a versatile artist steaming from his Gemini twin.
Big Baby started rapping for fun at a young age with the influences of artist such as Run DMC, Fat Boys, LL Cool J and Eric B and Rakim. Until his teen years when he started writing, producing and recording his own CD’s. Selling them out the trunk of his car and at various open mics, showcases and concerts all over. He has performed at hundreds of shows and anywhere he could be heard.
He also has performed with friend and mentor Johnny P all over Chicago and the midwest. Opened up shows for artist such as Scarface and Do or Die.
Taking off for a while Big Baby has not quit writing and polishing his skills. With a list of songs he is ready for the world to hear what he’s got. From party songs to songs telling about the hardships of the rap game coming up in the midwest he has it all. There is song for all from young to old to enjoy. He is an all around entertainer.
An independent artist from the start he is ready to hit the mainstream. With songs such as “Haterville and “Biters. So get ready to take a trip thru Haterville with Big Baby.
View his video on Youtube BigBabyHaterville.
Email address: BigBabyemail@gmail.com
Contact: Haterville Records 773-301-7653