Gunna Delivers Real Life with His Rhymes


One New Record Out, and Another On the Way


Richmond, Virginia – April 21, 2016 – There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to start taking things seriously. For some it’s about settling down and starting a family, for others it’s about getting that promotion at their day job, and for others like Gunna – it was about taking his love for music and making it more than something he just listened to, but rather something he created himself. So in 2007 he started down a new, musical, path and hasn’t looked back since.

Since then he’s dropped two albums, with the first currently being remixed and remastered and the second having just been released this past March. One would think that’d be enough for now, but Gunna isn’t the type to sit around and let new music burn in his brain. He’s already working on his third album, Current Events. On top of that he’s working on an album with his group, Offthecorner.

Gunna has performed all over Richmond and Alexandria in Virginia. He’s also headed entertained crowds in South Carolina and Atlanta before as well. He delivers hip hop to the fullest and just wants people to be able to relate to the rhymes he spits. That’s how he writes, performs and lives his life.

Those interested in hearing more from Gunna, can check him out online.

Gunna is a rapper from Virginia with two albums under his belt, and a couple of others on the way.

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