Greatness in its truest form – Music is a platform to let words change the world.


Whiteville, North Carolina — March 28, 2016 — Neto Grips penmanship is second to none. In a congested business of copy cats his wordplay, lyricism, and delivery easily separate him from the rest. His storytelling ability allows you to close your eyes and he paints a vivid picture with his music, that will invoke your emotions.

Where can you find The Greatest Rapper in PA? Thatś simple, G.R.I.P. is everywhere. Iheartradio, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, meet the man that single handily got his music across the globe and into hearts.

Write history then walk through it, while other read and marvel in your accomplishments

G.R.I.P.´s life is a story, as well as a message. In his words ¨Giving up is where the fail is, worry where your future is at, not where the next L is¨

This is hip hop as it once was, and as it should be. Neto G.R.I.Pś Album The Warm Up is the life support hip-hop sorely needed with today’s nonsense and gimmicks.
Where you become more than a fan you become FAMILY


Donshay took on the role of Neto Grip at an early age. He used his music to voice his pain tell his story, his words will paint pictures the blind can see as if his words are in brail

Neto G.R.I.P
509 Crayton st
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